Friday, February 5, 2010

The Circus is Coming!

Some kind of craziness overtook the Stashettes this morning....
You might hear from us, "We don't really carry novelty."

But here you have it. Was it the smell of the sawdust or the taste of cotton candy?

Two of us were so infected with the circus bug we actually got the other two to think Circus fabric is a great idea. It is so charming and engaging; I can't wait until we get it in!


  1. Who is this made by? I'd love to get the full-repeat of these fabrics digitally so I can design a quilt or two before the fabric arrives. Thanks.

  2. Ah--I discovered the fabric is from Windham. It is called Shelburne Circus. I've requested a full digital repeat from Windham. I hope I can get this and create a digital image of "Elephant's Play" using these fabrics. I think it would work up really cute!!

  3. I've worked it up and it looks really cute with these fabrics. Check out '' for the pattern.