Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our Moda rep Bonnie was in this morning. Showing us some great new fabric that I will share with you soon (We'll be getting it in November and December). It got me thinking about the fabric that will be arriving any day.... I had forgotten a little bit how much I loved it. We've had these patterns in for a while. The Pure and Sweet Table Runner....
the Pure Joy quilt, and...

the Pure and Simple quilt pattern have been around for awhile. But now.....
any day......

Pure by Sweetwater will arrive! You loved Authentic and Make Life, and now there is Pure. What do you want to make with it?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Come on...He's Laying on a Quilt!

Totally gratuitous photos of my grandson...

Brannan Keith....

born December 18th...

2009...a day before his grandma's birthday.

Even with my marginal photography skills, he looks pretty amazing!

Lizards, Alligators, and Bobcats, Oh My!

While the Stash Gals were in Florida, we decided to take a walk every evening. The Hyatt Grand Cypress seems to be on extensive acreage so we felt like we were out in the swamps(or on the edges of a golf course).

We saw this regal fellow. But someone got some information from the girl at the gift shop that there was other wildlife out there... some alligators and bobcats.

Ok alligator, we are in Florida. Some Stash gals thought they were lurking at every storm drain and were going to come out and get us.

We also saw lots of these little lizards. Kristen told us they were anole. We dealt with all of that wildlife...but then there was a rustle under our walkway (I say rustle...they say unworldly growl and ready to pounce)...

The Stash girls took off running!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 Series Love at BU

My photography doesn't do justice to these little beauties-the new machines from Bernina! It's the 3 Series; sleek little machines with a cool black screen.
We somehow missed the info that this was a hands-on class and we needed our own sewing supplies. Fortunately sewers are kind, generous people. Pins and scissors from a nice girl from Indiana, zippers from North Carolina, and a cutting mat and rotary cutter from a nice lady from across the room.

Look at the cute little purse we made!

Here's Kathy with our new favorite Bernina. It looks like a small version of the 830 with it's slide table and bobbin viewer. Hope to have it in the store soon!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

Stash is one year old! It has been quite a ride!

So to celebrate we are having an outdoor quilt show on our patio along the banks of Mill Creek!

These are all projects that are customer's have made over the last year!

Our customer's are the most creative, generous people you can find.
Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stash Has Angels in our Midst

When we started this little store, we knew that we wanted an environment that was inspiring, fun, and creative. What I didn't realize how much our customers, which many have become friends, add to this place. Let me introduce you to Mary. Above is one of her latest projects-the Posh Tot pattern made with some of our new batiks. She is one kindest most generous people we know (I was hoping she would have come in this morning so I could add her picture to this post). We've been a bit overwhelmed at times needing to learn things quickly, or making samples showcasing great techniques or fabric. Mary just seems to know exactly what we might need. We learned about "quilting in the hoop"; look what Mary brought for us to show that technique. Check out the feather design on this table runner made with Sandy Gervais's Gobble Gobble. We didn't ask, she just knew we would like it and is willing to share it with us for awhile.

Then there are these tea towels. How adorable are they all trimmed and machine-embroidered.

...and look at the embroidery on the backside-
just as pretty as the front.

And finally look at this silk quilt she has made with the Summer Carnivale Silk Collection. This beautiful quilt was an investment of her time and money and she is more than willing to let us showcase it and share it with others. Thank you Mary; we love you!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Love, Again

Botany has arrived.
Says summer time to me.
Who can't love hidden spider webs and frogs.

A quilt to fold over the back of the rocking chair on the back porch must be made.

....and maybe a skirt

like this one (we have the pattern at the store)
In Leaves from the colorway bloom... and a yoke and hem trim in Seeds in bark.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Celebrity in our Midst!

My copy of Food and Wine magazine came the other day. I open it and there is a beautiful feature on Walla Walla wine.

Kyle McLaughlin is featured there, but he's not the celebrity I'm referring to...

It's one of Stash's favorite customers, Island Ainsworth. Isn't she beautiful? She is proprietor of Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen and Pho Sho with her husband Chris. And there is more! Chris was named as a semifinalist by the James Beard Foundation as a Best Chef Northwest!

Colleen Blackwood's Quilts

Colleen Blackwood has special gifts. Her quilt designs, color and fabric combinations are inspirational. Her students exercise their "quilting muscles" in ways that produce amazing products.
Here's Pathway to the Stars...
...and here is Thicket.
She is scheduled to teach these two quilts of her designs here at Stash before she takes them off to the famous Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show in July where they will be featured.
If you are in beautiful downtown Walla Walla, come by and see them. Or better yet sign up for one or both of her classes here. Thicket will be taught May 15 and Pathway to the Stars will be taught May 28. One couldn't possibly regret spending the day with Colleen.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making Lemonade!

We opened here on beautiful Palouse Street last summer, but it has looked like this since July.

Trucks, backhoes and dirt all over the place.

Our neighbor next door has created a solution (or at least is trying to adapt) to our lack of parking and the extra efforts our customers need to go through to get to us.

He has put this outside his door.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eddie Walker Love!

We love Eddie here at Stash. Her creativity and enthusiasm is a great energy to be around.

She has an apron design that she is going to be sharing in a class here at Stash.

Here she has used the canvas weight Authentic fabric.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Emergency Road Trip

It all started because we needed this for a class: The order didn't come in; it was Saturday and overnighting from somewhere to Walla Walla was too risky, but we found some here:

At Bear Paw Quilting in Coeur d'Alene. So Sunday morning Kathy and I jumped in the car. It ended up being a great day. It's so fun to see other stores...got some great ideas.

We also had a great lunch at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. One day I will be a good blogger and show great pictures of the food we ate. Around the corner was the cutest little store called:

Ari and her husband couldn't have been nicer. She's designing patterns. Hope we can carry them here at Stash!

Here's a little taste of Buttercuppity. Gotta love the name!