Saturday, March 27, 2010

Colleen Blackwood's Quilts

Colleen Blackwood has special gifts. Her quilt designs, color and fabric combinations are inspirational. Her students exercise their "quilting muscles" in ways that produce amazing products.
Here's Pathway to the Stars...
...and here is Thicket.
She is scheduled to teach these two quilts of her designs here at Stash before she takes them off to the famous Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show in July where they will be featured.
If you are in beautiful downtown Walla Walla, come by and see them. Or better yet sign up for one or both of her classes here. Thicket will be taught May 15 and Pathway to the Stars will be taught May 28. One couldn't possibly regret spending the day with Colleen.

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  1. Colleen's great! I haven't been to your store yet, but hope to soon!!