Friday, July 16, 2010

Lizards, Alligators, and Bobcats, Oh My!

While the Stash Gals were in Florida, we decided to take a walk every evening. The Hyatt Grand Cypress seems to be on extensive acreage so we felt like we were out in the swamps(or on the edges of a golf course).

We saw this regal fellow. But someone got some information from the girl at the gift shop that there was other wildlife out there... some alligators and bobcats.

Ok alligator, we are in Florida. Some Stash gals thought they were lurking at every storm drain and were going to come out and get us.

We also saw lots of these little lizards. Kristen told us they were anole. We dealt with all of that wildlife...but then there was a rustle under our walkway (I say rustle...they say unworldly growl and ready to pounce)...

The Stash girls took off running!

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