Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The People of Stash: Sherri, Kathy, and Kristen

For Sherri, Kathy, and Kristen, Stash is all about the fabric. To describe Stash fabric concisely proves nearly impossible because of the variety of unique and fresh designs available. There truly is a little bit of everything, and it's all spunky.


Here Sherri shows off her favorite fabric in the store. The colors are cool, but the design is zippy. This fabric is definitely reminiscent of a spring day in Walla Walla when the season's colors are just starting to turn from wintry to sunny and happy spring noises fill the breezes.


Rather than having just one favorite fabric, Kathy loves the entire fabric group called "Farmers Market" by Michael Miller. These fabrics contain all of the colors that crop up at the Walla Walla Farmers Market- yellows and greens of the flowers in giant buckets waiting to be sold, the oranges of newly-picked carrots and sun-ripening tomatoes, and the blues woven into colorful tablecloths under the arms of picnic-ers looking for a spot to plop down.


Kristen's favorite fabric is a Patty Young design of pineapples and funky filigree. This design is just hip enough that it could easily end up in skirt form, worn by a college student bicycling through Walla Walla's buzzing downtown streets or as part of a fun and funky quilt.

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