Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Just In: New Arrivals at Stash

Check out these buttons! They sort of just beg to be attached to your sweater. Not just any sweater either, I'm talking about THAT sweater- the one that always finds its way into your suitcase, the one that you throw on as soon as you get home from work, the one that you've had for so long that you know which shoulder it will droop off of as soon as you pull it over your head. Such a special sweater deserves a little sprucing up every once in a while- why not give it some funky new buttons?

Have you ever set out to be artsy, gone to the art/bead/fabric store and bought all the supplies that you thought you could possibly ever need to be the next great painter/jewelry maker/fashion designer, sat down to your new artsy calling, and realized that you just surrounded yourself in your home with a daunting number of blank canvases/displays/runways to fill? Fear no more. Stash has solved this problem for you. Enter, project starter kits! With project essentials packed up and ready to go, you can take your projects one at a time- daunting feeling of embarking on a million new things at once conveniently omitted from starter kits.

When you hit the town, you'll find that seasonal now applies to more than just fruits and veggies. Now that it's summer, Stash has brought in fabrics that look like June wheatfield sunsets and July cotton candy at the fair.

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