Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stash: More Fabric

There is something about this fabric that makes me think about my mom's rose garden at our old house. The garden itself was in the funniest spot, in a small corner of the yard where the house sort of bent inward out of the way of some giant spruce trees. The garden rested peacefully in full shade, even during the the parts of summer that yielded the fastest Popsicle-melting rates. The blues in this fabric are most indicative of the shadiness of this garden, and of the breezes that blew through the spruce needles and onto the shoulders of anyone sitting quietly in the garden's small space.

When I was much younger (for approximate age, please reference previous blog post, re: pigtail ribbons) I was an arts and crafts maven. Every single day I papered the dining room table with construction paper triangles, spilled tiny seed beads onto the shag carpet, and painted my clothing in addition to any canvas put in front of me (items 2 and 3 were usually much to my mom's chagrin). There was one arts and crafts phase in particular during which I was obsessed with making envelopes out of magazine pages and patterned scrapbook paper, and that phase is what immediately comes to mind when I look at this fabric. There is something slightly geometric about these patterns, a quality in a design that generally produced visually appealing envelopes. I can sort of sense that my 7-year old self would be very much taken with these patterns, and perhaps even hope to fold back and tape together the corners of these patterns to make some very unusual envelopes.

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