Monday, June 8, 2009

The People of Stash: Suzanne

Suzanne is, in some ways, the reason why there is a Stash. When
Kathy decided to take quilting classes, Suzanne was her instructor.
Now, the passion for quilting shared by Kristen, Kathy and Sherri
is such an infectious passion, that it must have incredible roots
somewhere, in something, or in someone. Probably there are in
fact several sources to which this passion for quilting can be
traced, but one of the obvious sources is Suzanne.

Suzanne has not quilted for her entire life, it's not even something
that she began pouring herself into while she was growing up.
Suzanne arrived at quilting somewhat later in her life, however
this late brush with fat quarters, flying geese, and lazy daisies had
no effect on Suzanne's desire to learn or her eventual tenacity to
her craft.

Around 1980, Suzanne was at the fairgrounds, meandering through
booths of crafts and funnel cakes. Walking past one of the many
craft booths, Suzanne spotted a beautiful quilt and was mesmerized.
The quilt, tactile, colorful, and comforting to the touch was a
functional piece of art.

Soon after visiting the fairgrounds, Suzanne began taking quilting
classes. She only took several classes- enough to work the basics of
quilting into her thoughts and hands. With this minimum of
knowledge and the delightful fervor that had washed over her on
her visit to the fairgrounds, Suzanne produced her first quilt in
approximately two weeks, having made every single stitch by hand.

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